Why choose an Airbnb instead of a Hotel

                                                                                        I don't know about you, but in my opinion, hotels lack… Continue reading Why choose an Airbnb instead of a Hotel


A Cabin in Rugova,Kosovo

December is a special month for all the warm hugs,cosy atmosphere,good christmas movies and hot drinks.But also its that time of the year where snowy mountains are calling you.Reach that call and go to Rugove,Kosovo.Its truly a winter wonderland. Located 30 minutes away from the city of Peje,Rugova has 13 little villages to explore.Each one… Continue reading A Cabin in Rugova,Kosovo

Along Liguria,Italy

When you plan a trip you usually highlight the places you definitely do not want to miss.For this region all I could think about was how amazing Cinque Terre would be.It was indeed ,but I found some more treasures along the ride.. •Bocadasse                        … Continue reading Along Liguria,Italy


Travel Series , Razëm

April was a great month for weekend getaways with family.Razëm is a small village near Shkodër with a great nature and authentic food of the region. We stayed at "Kulla e Arte" hotel and our choice was superb.The rooms were very tidy ,clean and with all the amenities. We had a beautiful mountain view too.The… Continue reading Travel Series , Razëm


Travel Series ,Mavrovo

Since the past couple of months,most of Europe was  covered in snow,my family and I decided to visit Mavrovo.A village situated in the mountains of Macedonia.It has tremendous views of nature, a beautiful lake and a national park.Mavrovo is a well -known tourist destination for those who enjoy ski and different nature sports as cycling,mountain… Continue reading Travel Series ,Mavrovo


Meet yourself!

Most of my life I've been trying to idealise my future steps ,trying to see within me the perfect details and "correcting" mistakes just for the sake of an image , a highly forced image.Little did I know that the moment for me to laugh, love ,live and be happy above all ,was standing right… Continue reading Meet yourself!